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The Speed [Review]

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The Speed [Review]

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:05 pm

The Movie Is Rich By Its technical Aspects But It Has Average Merit Overall

The Speed is a recently released Bangladeshi Film . The Film is much talked about for its technical aspects .

Yes .. I do agree that the film is technically so rich if we compare it with other bangladeshi comercial films . The film used world class technology which is very much rare in Bangladeshi Movie Industry .

But is that enough for audience to be convinced ??!!

So , how overall as a film The Speed is ?

Lets know about the story first ..

Its A very much ordinary story . Ananya , played by Ananta is a rich businessman but he is honest and Patriot . Alamgir , who is a dishonest Businessman is usually Ananya ‘s rival . He tried to convince Ananya that Honesty is not the right policy in business field but Ananya was determined . Ananya has a niece played by Dighi who lost her parents . Dighi’s parents that means Ananya’s Bhai – Bhabi have been killed by some criminals . So , His niece is everything in his life . Suddenly the leading lady comes in his life and they get married soon . Ananya went to Cox Bazar with his wife and niece for honeymoon . In that place criminals attacked them and Ananya’s Niece dristi that means dighi has been killed . Ananya and His wife become so upset . Alamgir and his criminal gangs made a new trap to kill Ananya . They called ananya to Malaysia for a business purpose . In Malaysia the criminals kidnapped Ananya’s wife and Alamgir asks Ananya to play a dangerous game called the speed . If Ananya wins the game her wife will be released otherwise he must be lost her wife forever . So , Will he win this dangerous game ?!

Ananta , who is the producer of this film played the lead role and neither he looks good nor acts well . Malaysian Girl Parveen was just okay . Alamgir And Dighi have done fantastic job . Alamgir is one of the best actors that we have in our industry and he proved it once again . Child Artist Dighi is simply wonderful . She charmed by her sweet look and her acting was like a treat to watch . All foreign actors have done great job specially that girl who played as 2nd leading lady of the film . She shines all the way .

Cinematography was very good . Music was good . Editing was too good . Action was also good .

Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s direction was amazing . No doubt he is one of the best directors that we have in our industry .

Overall The Speed is so rich by its technical aspects but the script , dialogues and of course the Hero himself failed badly to entertain audience .

The screenplay sucks big time and Ananta as a hero looks weird .

Still I recommend this movie to bangladeshi Audience . Dont expect too much but go for it to Give a chance them for their honest try .

My Ratings For The Speed is 3* Out Of 5

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